Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Surface non-RT costs $900

CAcreeks wrote:

Brian Miller wrote:

Win 8/128GB Surface Pro will go on sale Feb. 9. at the same price (sans keyboard) as my 64GB no-USB (3.0 or otherwise) port, no display-port, no Office support, no full-blown applications (CS), locked-down 4G IPad. With 10-point touch and a pen.

Why are you comparing a Surface without telephony to an iPad containing a cellphone?

You have a point about the comparison but not the one you think you are making.

Price of the base model Intel-based Surface Pro is $899 according to today's news. With well-liked keypad cover it would be $999 or possibly more.

Whereas the iPad 3 is only $490. Screen resolution is 2048x1536 versus only 1366x768 on the Surface.

I paid $890 last year for my IPad 3 64GB/4G. Looks like the price has dropped a bit. I don't need an extra $10/20/month to Verizon or AT&T (though I paid for the option).

Or for $230 I can get a refurbished Dell 14" laptop with DVD/CD drive and install Linux on it.

Your choice/needs.

Are you saying the Intel based model handles twice the 5 point touch of the Surface RT? I have not read that anywhere.

DPR's insert link isn't working for me in this session, so Google: surface pro ten point touch .

For instance, this says the proper comparison is to the the MB Air.


Which was really my original point: the Surface Pro is real 64-bit computer with a fast I5 processor, USB 3 port expandability, displayport that can drive my 30" NEC at full res, run Photoshop and any other of the vast range of Windows software (hello, Microsoft Office for business people and students) that happens to be an advanced, beautifully-designed touch-and--pen enabled tablet.

Oh, and it runs on what will be the most advanced and popular OS on the planet: Windows 8, which has already outsold the installed base of desktop Linux and is closing in on MacOS.

Like I said, I've been reading these anti-Microsoft/Win 8 threads since November, largely dominated by Unix/Mac people and Windows users who can't figure how to leave/bypass/use-to -their-advantage the start-up UI. I only dropped into this one because someone needed to correct Jim's FUD about Office.

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