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Re: no - that's not correct

graybalanced wrote:

webfrasse wrote:

Thupten wrote:

Thanks for all the replies. The files will be opened by a Mac user.

I thought (Nikon) RAW files were not compressed -- i thought that was the point of RAW files?

I don't think the point of raw files was ever about compression. It's about dumping out all the raw data from the sensor for more post process options.

That's right, the point of raw files is higher potential for better processing, but since raw files are compressed, that turns out to be an advantageous side effect.

I remember years ago when if you bought an early digital camera, the higher-quality alternative to JPEG output to the card was TIFF. But shooting raw actually saves space compared to TIFF, so we should be glad that cameras standardized on raw for both the size and processing advantages over TIFF and JPEG.


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