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Re: Nonsense 'statistics'

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Marcamera wrote:

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ALL the countries ABOVE United States have 100% gun ban

Most don't, and many are 'failed states' that are plagued by warfare (hardly free from guns). Then many are not even countries.

While it's fair to point out the errors in this list, basically most of them ​DO have ​both gun bans and much higher homicide rates then the US

Try listing wealthy democracies and see where the USA comes -- dead last, with the highest murder rate.

Both Russia, and Ukraine are developed countries, if not as wealthy as we. And both of them DO have more or less total gun bans. For that matter, the same can be said for Lithania, Latvia and Estonia.

But in all of these countries the gun bans are relatively effective. Most homicides are indeed ​not done with fire arms.

So, if the social stress's of society cause you to become homicidal - Well, by golly, you're going to kill someone.


If some, perhaps most, of the data is accurate it would indicate your last sentence is right on. In countries that ban guns, what do they blame the high murder rate on?

How many of those third world countries you put on your list have a strong enough government to enforce any sort of law and order? Your premise is an offence against intelligence.

Please sit down before reading the following for it will be a shocker, to you. It is not MY list. Still trying to kill the messenger are you not? Still cannot address the data independently of addressing the character of the messenger. You are an offence against intelligence.

That really is an easy bailout.

Someone sent me an e-mail with a new result of 2 x 2. Apparently in some countries it isn't 4 but 4.2.

I thought it would be interesting to discuss it. Oh, bear in mind I am only the messenger but thought a topic was interesting enough to be posted.


Apparently you have never participated in an adult conversation group.

No, not the ones that pull false ideas , false, stats, from the air and then try discussing them intelligently.

The information is from: "From the World Health Organization". Please recognize that we are all not as smart as you. For example, I had no idea if the data was right or wrong. I thought it should be presented for our international community to have their say. The data is making the round viea email. You apparently knew the whole thing is false. You could have stated the World Health Organization got it wrong. But no, you have to attack the messenger.

How about indicating, for each country, whether it is true or not and informing the World Health Organization. Thank you.

In such a group people bring up different topics and/or facts which they may or may not agree with.

"Facts which they may or may not agree with"

Yes, truly, that would be your discussion group, on the topic of facts that you do not agree with.

Well, you just indicated how narrow minded you are.

Sometimes, as in this case, I didn't know if they were correct or not.

It tok me 30 seconds to check some of them.

Please notify the World Health Organization of your findings. They need to know.

Anyway, you might consider sticking with your 2 x 2 conversation.

So Bill, what should it be? 4 or 4.2? Let's discuss it.

It should be 4, because you are not ready to move above that level.

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