Is the Xe1 good enough to shoot lowlight band photography?

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Re: Is the Xe1 good enough to shoot lowlight band photography?

Thanks for that reply Ron, your gallery link is very similar to the situation I'll be in so great to see those. yeah i certainly don't expect the AF to respond like my 6D but as long as i can work with it to get the Fuji look in band photo's will be great. Saw you mentioned you changed to XP1 - was that just essentially for the OVF(quicker response in lowlight?) and were your shots with the latest firmware on the Xe1?..Also, how do you find the X AWB? - how does it handle mixed lighting?

redcorvette wrote:

I have had some good luck with the XE-1 and the 35mm 1.4 combo. Here is an example gallery with some shots of a local band. This particular case had some very tricky (and really good) stage lighting, but I was still able to get and keep focus by planning the shots.

Since this gallery, I actually decided to return my XE-1 and get an XP1 instead (essentially for the viewfinder options) and am happy with it as well.

As has been covered here many times, if you treat either camera like an SLR (or expect it to act like one), you will be disappointed. I had pretty good luck with AF-S, and MF+AE/AF Lock with both cameras, and I expect the photos to get better with more practice as well as better if I was able to get to a place that had better stage lighting.

Good luck!


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