Simple OMD versus GH3.

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Re: Simple OMD versus GH3.

Having standard connections on the GH-3 is great, PC connection for strobes, standard connection for external mic.

If you came from a SLR or DSLR sure the GH-3 is the size but the weight is still less. Going from the GF-1 to the GX-1 right away you notice the better grip and it looks like the same, the OMD looks more challenging or not as comfortable as the GH-3.

The GH-3 is the first camera I am not using with a permanent camera strap that is how comfortable it is. I do have a Black Rapid strap for the GH-3 that can be attached and removed quickly.  Shooting video is nice to get that strap out of the way especially if you have other cables plugged into the camera.

For that once off need having a built in flash is nice that is what also makes the GH-3 taller. Sure get rid of the flash on the GH-3 and make the grip smaller its an OMD size camera.

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