Birds In Flight with D300/300mm f/4

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Re: Birds In Flight with D300/300mm f/4

I had a pintail come into the dekes and land briefly yesterday.  My AF was set to Focus, which makes sense to me.  The camera didn't fire once.  Not sure which is better, "Release", where you get OOF photos, or "Focus" where you get fewer captures but more of them are in focus.  I even tried "Release + Focus", and got mixed results.

I'm not impressed with the photos I posted.  The hawk, for instance, looks more like a watercolor than a photo.  I think it's due to a number of factors, certainly a huge crop factor is a major contributor.  The Greenwing Teal isn't cropped much, and looks much better on my home computer and larger files.  But, that's not BIF, is it?  All I can say is ducks are tough under hunting conditions.  Park ducks are easy, but you won't find GWT or pintails on golf courses.

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