X-trans sensor problem?

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Tom Schum
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Yay for the OOC JPGs!

Ryan Williams wrote:

Lightroom has issues with colour smearing more than detail smearing, which is the main reason I work with OOC JPEGs instead. If you have high colour contrast Lightroom seems to get it wrong, for example the often-used example of a street sign's letting becoming the same colour as the surrounding sign.

What issues Lightroom does have with detail smearing is negligible for my needs, but the colour issues are too much of a concern for me to overlook. If you must use Lightroom for RAW, make sure you turn the sharpness up to a radius (or whatever the second slider is) of 3. Using the default radius exaggerates if not causes the detail smearing, a separate problem to colour smearing IMO.

I used to prefer a Sigma camera, which really requires you to shoot and process raws, so using my X-E1 has been an eye-opener for me.

The out of camera JPGs are a real bright spot. I can sharpen, crop, brighten, etc in Photoshop Elements and I have never seen the weird artifacts. There can be a little bit of color smearing but I don't find it bothersome. Plus, Elements is far less money than the higher end stuff such as Lightroom.

I haven't bothered to try processing any raws and if I did I would use the Silkypix product packaged with my X-E1 (after all silkypix downloadable upgrades). The JPGs are good enough for me, and it is a breeze to post process them in Elements.

Here is a shot showing some color smearing around the Washington Monument (seen in the far left side of this image).  This image has "had work done" on it in Elements, and the contrast and color increases done in Elements seem to have brought out a little bit of smearing.  Pro-Neg Hi film emulation, 18-55 zoom:

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