Digital camera with large sensor or camcorder with small sensor?

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Re: 60 fps frame rate pros and cons

Sean Nelson wrote:

Apfelbaum wrote:

As of now, 60p playback is something that is "scheduled" for adoption in the near future. But, it will probably take up to a decade or more. So the argument about all these various framerates is in fact ridiculous

There's a good argument to be made for shooting in the highest quality and fastest framerate appropriate for the material regardless of whether or not it's easily playable today. Back in the 1980s I shot a lot of video on analogue camcorders. If I had a modern digital video camera back then there's no way I could have played back the material - but I'd give a lot to have that footage today instead of the lousy sub-SD quality stuff I managed to capture with the technology of the time.

It's sensible to think ahead.

Right. I read somewhere years ago that most movie production in hollywood is filmed at the next iteration of the technology, even if nobody is playing it on that atm. In otherwords, even though there may not be one commercial 4/5k monitor in circulation, they shoot movies in 4k. I guess it helps with editing and for future conversion. Even the bigger movies from the 80s are transfered to HD nowadays, and they look pretty good. I have ther terminator on BRD (1984), I'm pretty sure nobody used 1080p TVs back then. Have you heard of this before Sean?

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