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Re: Sony needs a 1" Interchangeable lens camera like a hole in the head

Undah wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Undah wrote:

While the NEX series of cams are groundbreaking, marvels of engineering, and whatever else you want to call them, there is nothing about them that would make me leave my A57 at home - the body may be smaller but the lenses are still large because of the APS-C sensor.

They need a small body cam, with the RX100 sensor, something with super-fast focus (like the Nikon V1), and the advantage of interchangeable lenses.

Oh? From DPR's review of the V1:

"Despite the comparatively small size of its sensor, the V1 is amongst the bulkiest compact interchangeable lens system cameras that I've used. It is no surprise that the V1 is bigger than the genuinely compact Pentax Q, but what is very obvious when the camera is directly compared to its competition is how much chunkier it feels compared to larger-format competitors like the Olympus E-PL3 / E-PM1 and Sony NEX-C3."

Is this somehow pertinent?

I believe so. They are saying that the camera is larger, not smaller, than the NEX-C3. They also say it's not any smaller than the NEX-7. I don't know how much smaller the V1 lenses are. It appears that some of them are smaller than NEX lenses, and some of them are larger. The difference does not appear to be dramatic enough to attract attention.

If what you really want is a new focusing system like the V1, then that's something different.

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