6D-Anyone here using it for low light band/concert shooting?-advice please...

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Re: 6D-Anyone here using it for low light band/concert shooting?-advice please...

Just woke up this morning to find all your reply's - Awesome.  Thanks so much for taking the time to give responses with a lot of detail and great ideas.  I think I may have caused confusion with my woring in OP. I wasn't doing the shoot last night- it was offered to me last night and i jumped in the deep end and said yes, so I have about 5 days to prepare for my first my first shoot but I wan't to make a good impression first day on the job as it's one of those "we'll see how you go" type deals from the manager:-|

So, i'll be googling hundreds of  band photography images this morning to get a feel for angles/composition ideas. One thing that does give me confidence  is the 6D. I had been reading on multiple forums lately about low light dramas people were having with 1dx/5d3/600exrt/580 focus assist not working and some general low light bad performance when AF.  I came running home to test just how far i could push the 6D centre point in low light and was amazed. I put the 85 1.8 on and only kept the Av at 4.0. iso around 10000! in the lounge room with only the very dime corner lamp on about 5 metres away from my wifes face and focus was pretty much instant. Same test with a mates 5dmk3 was not as quick!....anyway I,m very excited so tonight i pull out the flashes for training drills too!

If any of you have some of your own gig sshots youd like to share that would be great!

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