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Re: The Magical EPL5...

Isabel Cutler wrote:

thanks for the honest feedback.


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My pleasure.

I've not noticed any tint to the screen.  I'll be the first to admit that the E-PL5 is NOT a perfect camera.  I would be surprised if there was anyone who thought it was.   I personally  have yet to find such a beast.  My biggest complaint is the rear dial.  I've found (someone else mentioned this in another thread) that even if it stops at one of it's detents, whatever setting I'm adjusting tends to cycle back and forth rapidly as if the dial was stopped right between the two settings.  It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough that it's been slightly annoying on occasion.

Other than that, I've been very pleased with mine.  The speed of the camera and image quality have been exceptional IMO.  The touch screen...specifically the touch to focus/shoot....is incredibly fast, and what I at first thought to be a bit gimmicky has become my preferred shooting style which has also negated any desire I had for an EVF.

The button placement hasn't bothered me at all.  I came from an E-PL2, but didn't shoot that terribly long, as opposed to my D200 and E1, so the change in placement didn't bother me much and I actually prefer it to that of my E-PL2.

The articulating screen is great.  At first I thought I'd be a bit disappointed by it compared to the one on my Canon G12 which is fully articulating, but in use have found that it covers 99.9% of the uses I have for it.  Along the same lines, if I shoot a camera without one now, I really notice it's missing.

Now here's where I eat crow a little.  I was admittedly a critic of Oly's decision to not include a pop up flash, and I guess all things being equal would still prefer one.  That said, I leave that stupid little flash they include attached to my camera.  It locks in place, so it's not sliding off by accident.  It's small enough that I can leave it on and put it in the tiny camera bag I use for this and a spare lens. It doesn't get in the way if I'm shooting without it, and if I need it I just flip it up.  If, for some reason, it does get in the way, it's easy and quick enough to remove but I've yet to find an instance, at least for me, where it is needed.  Again, all things being equal, I'd still prefer a pop up, but given the way I shoot with the touch screen now with this camera (which is lightning fast by the way), resulting in not needing an EVF, it's really become a non issue for me.

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