what is the fastest shutter speed setting for the Panasonic G3 using a speed light?

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No TTL with Nikon flash on M4/3

Charles Pike wrote:

thanks for the info. I didn't realize that you could use TTL with m 4/3 system. I have played with it as fill flash for my bird shots. I moved the bird feeder close to the house, and that worked well. Thanks again.

There's no TTL when a Nikon flash is on any M4/3 camera, totally different logic. Only Panasonic, Olympus and Leica use the same TTL logic and it's different to any other camera.

As a slave flash the Nikon will trigger (if that feature available on the flash) off any flash pulse from the camera, so camera emitting a single flash pulse (Olympus can do that, Panasonic can't) works to trigger the slave flash works and if the camera is in TTL mode then the "double" flash causes the slave to trigger twice.

If the slave is working at half power or less (due to manual setting or auto happened to work that way) then the slave flash triggers on the initial TTL pulses, and then triggers again on the final pulse during the exposure. If at full power setting then all the capacitor is used up on the TTL pulse and nothing is left for the exposure pulse.

With a Nikon flash (on camera or as a slave) the often more reliable flash auto mode does work - just have some initial fiddles to get settings matched on camera and flash.

Regards...... Guy

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