Im not perfect, but I enjoy photography

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Re: Im not perfect, but I enjoy photography

brianj wrote:

My hope is that I can continue to be happy taking photos throughout my entire life and not ever get disgusted as some others are apparently. I look forward to the next time I can take photos and share them with all. I will be constructing my gallery soon on DPreview and will be expecting the "good job" along with the more profane negative comments as well. No matter, you cant take away the fact that I had fun. I love taking photos, I love my photos and my only hope is that you can appreciate it like I do. I certainly love looking at your photos and certainly appreciate your contributions as well...

Thanks for posting these thoughtful observations, it is very similair to my views about my hobby. There is an old saying, never let your hobby become your work, no matter how much you enjoy something, because once it is work then all the fun will go out of it and you could even end up hating it.

So I keep it simple, even deciding many years ago to stick with simple cheap small P&S cameras and only use jpg output, and I never have any pressure, its only for fun and enjoyment. I know I might be able to squeeze a little more performance out of my camera if I used raw, but why bother, I don't need more IQ.

So after 10 years shooting digital I still enjoy it very much.


I think you too might enjoy the article I cited in my response to the OP.  Kennerdell seems to be on the same wavelength as you are.



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