Impressive Dynamic Colors (Superficial/Artificial) vs Washed Out Faded Colors (Originality/Natural)

Started Jan 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
Bing Chow Senior Member • Posts: 1,366
Re: Impressive Dynamic Colors

It all depends on how you use photography. I suppose if it is used to record and document a scene, then showing it "as is" would be your objective.

I prefer photography to evoke an emotional response. Therefore, I prefer to alter the look, whether using filters and/or PP, to create what I have in mind. It may or not be accurate to the way it is in the real world, but my objective isn't to record real-life.

That said, I strongly believe that any processing has to serve the purpose of the image. I don't think that choosing an Instagram preset until something looks "cool" is the way to go. Maybe that's why people have strong feelings against over processing because it looks cheap.....

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