Returned 6D due to dust on Sensor

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Re: Returned 6D due to dust on Sensor

czaharop wrote:


Just a couple days I received my new 6D - and what a fine camera! I was just getting started testing the new 24-105 when I noticed a prominent spot on every photo. It was a sizable dust speck on the sensor. The sensor cleaning function didn't help. And in the viewfinder there were several pieces of visible dust (more of an annoyance - they don't show up on photos). So I sent it back to B&H this morning and I hope the next one is better.

I understand that some would probably have kept it - but being a poor photography enthusiast and having saved 3+ years I didn't see why I shouldn't exchange it. My 6 year old Rebel XTi has a few specks in the viewfinder but nothing on the sensor.

So I patiently wait......


My first 5D mk3 had dust spots all over the sensor.  I tried blowing them out, a few went but the majority stayed.  I took it and got it professionally cleaned and one dust spot was still there, showing up at f11.  I took it back had it cleaned again, still there!  Turned out the dust was between the filter and sensor.  The 2nd one was perfect!

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