Sony A37 vs Canon SX50

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
JeffS7444 Regular Member • Posts: 285
Re: I have both

Scooturz wrote:

Thanks for your reply Jeffs7444 very good points made - Its interesting that you have both cameras - If I told you you could only keep one which would it be?

My excuse for buying the SX50 was for photographing birds during my lunch breaks, and no way I was going to haul a heavy telephoto and equally heavy tripod just for that. SX50 works brilliantly for midday birding, BTW.

But birding is maybe 2% of what I do, so if I had to choose between my A55 or SX50, the SX50 would go. Although I love having the 1200mm reach, most of my actual day to day keepers are shot in the 35mm - 70mm range, the equivalent of which is more than covered by my 16-50/2.8 Sony zoom.

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