BBC "Countryfile" this week - very interesting :)

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Re: Did I see a camera brand?

Alleg1 wrote:

glossywhite wrote:

I found it odd that they missed the bulk of the development process by having the negatives pre-processed. Talk about dumbed-down TV - now people may think that negatives come out of the camera that way :/

Perhaps "people" are more aware of the situation than your patronising comment suggests..

Also, in the old film days, many photographers would use a specialist Lab for film processing prior to doing their own printing, as I did..

Take it easy, there is no need to be hostile.

I was not being patronising, I am making a very valid observation that they missed out the developing of the negatives. If you're going to show *half* the process, why not just make the segment 5 mins longer and show the whole lot? This is dumbing down of television, to suit the fragmented attention span of a modern audience; there's nothing complex about developing negatives - they could easily have included the process, seeing as they bothered making a segment explicitly *about* the capturing and development process. They skipped a step - my question is... why? :-S


Yes, I agree. This is exactly what I thought, and they've kind of given people *not* "in the know" they impression that it's acceptable to be sloppy, and "Ah, it's only a little light - it'll be okay". The photographer was clearly unhappy with the light that was getting in, and he made that pretty obvious.
I don't want come across as an obsessive nerdy type, but this was just daft; first they miss out one vital step, then they show a "dark" room which has light leaks. LOL.

As I said all along, dumbed down.

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