A Hawk In Beautiful Morning Light Captured by the SX50

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Re: A Hawk In Beautiful Morning Light Captured by the SX50

Sactojim wrote:

Beautiful image Vision!

Thank you

Disregard Joms as he's always the first to bash someones images and then to draw attention to himself, he often piggybacks/inserts his photos in a thread not his..tiresome behavior.

I think in this case, Joms was trying to inject a little humor. I'm sure he knows that the rule of thirds is neither a rule, nor always appropriate to an image. Especially in a case where the light is right but the subject is fleeting. You get the shot first with the best possible composition. Many times people who think the rule of thirds IS actually a RULE are not sarisfied with anything less, and say so. I believe Joms was mimicking these people.

When I review my own images, I try to distance myself from the fact that they are my own images. If I can look at an image for two or three seconds and am done with it, I become just that, done with it. No matter how technically good, if it doesn't grab me and has no use other then for instructional purposes, it gets deleted. The low warm glowing light, the dimensional depth, the movement across the field that complements but still leads to the central subject, and the pose of that subject itself, all these attributes together made me look at this image for much longer than two or three seconds to take it all in. And then the realization that it was my own image was icing on the cake. Yes, if I had four seconds to take it instead of three, I would have liked to have pulled back the zoom to about 1100mm instead of 1200mm. The hawk said no. But I'm happy with it anyway.

I also appreciate constructive criticism. As I've said before, I learn that way. Much of the workflow and techniques I've learned about using P&S cameras I've learned from the people right here on this forum. It is only when someone makes a negative off the cuff statement without meaningful dialogue, suggestions or examples that I lack appreciation. And respond accordingly. If people show me 10 images and I like four of them I'll tell them why I like the four. I will not comment on the remaining six unless asked to do so. Unless it's in a class, of course. Although we learn from this forum, this forum is not a class. Positive feedback with good grounded reasoning is usually more helpful to people as they tend to repeat the process they used and get better at it. Telling someone they did something wrong doesn't help because they only know what didn't work but don't know how to make it right. When asked, suggesting different actions that they may want to try is usually the best course. I almost always end my posts with the words "comments welcome" and am happy to receive any constructive ones. For the image in the original post above, Mario not only made a good comment, but we discussed workflow and ultimately I have a better image for it. That to me is what these forums are all about.

And if anyone wants to place their own similar images in one of my threads, I'm OK with that. It gives people the chance to notice differences in the types of images of a subject and the processes employed to create them. It's only when someone goes off on an entirely different tangent that I would respond accordingly.

Thanks for your reply. I know it got me started on a rather long monologue, but I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to write down my thoughts.


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