Sony A37 vs Canon SX50

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There are two worlds...

The normal viewing world and the pixel peeping world. In the pixel peeping world, your A37 will blow the SX50 9 out of 10 times out of the water. In the normal world, the SX50 with its longer reach will wow the audience more IF the subject demands a longer reach.

Your A37 will take excellent pictures up to ISO 3200 and more with MFNR. Her SX50 will take decent pictures up to ISO 400 and maybe more if you don't pixel peep. Having said all that, if you get a 400mm lens, it becomes a 600mm on the A37 due to the crop factor. At 600mm, combined with the bigger sensor of the A37, your images should still look better than what the SX50 can give you.

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