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ZEN improves with age

Marcus Antonius wrote:

Schwany wrote:

jedinstvo wrote:

Or is it a lack of purpose?

You could look it up, if you don't understand what Zen is. It's primarily about inner peace and forms of mediation. I get that from nature photography, and landscape photography. Motorsports is less Zen like, but does require some concentration and forethought. I could sell my stuff, but selling it wouldn't give it anymore purpose. It has purpose enough in giving it away, and in what I get out of it. My photography has as much purpose as punching a clock with a camera for the daily news.

Anyway, how about creating an interesting thread about photography? You must have something to share besides grumpy negativity. The harbor shots are nice, and a good start, but they are hidden in this thread where only a handful of people are going to look at them and get anything at all out of them.

Nature photography is relaxation to me as well, but only if the luck is on my side.
If shooting birds of prey, and they fly away, or don't sit on the side (backlight e.g.) i want them to, believe me... theres ZERO zen in me.

Having burnt gallons of fuel, spent hours and hours searching for your single moment when a Marsh Harrier is leaving her nest and either the shot you took was out of focus, too much movement in the wings, reed in front of the eye, you name it... ZEN, is a GONER! But... when you have the shot... i hear ya...

Zen is easier to accomplish in retirement. I've had a few days chasing birds where I never pressed the shutter button because I didn't see anything close enough, or because the wind was blowing so hard I couldn't steady the big lens I was using on a monopod. I still got a little ZEN out of those no image capture days because I was outside surrounded by trees, or the salt air and beach. That Marsh Harrier situation you described might give me pause though. I can imagine myself cussing while in the field if that happened.

What I do does not serve the same purpose as photography that accompanies an article though. I get the point jed was making, but purpose comes in many forms. Photographs of the interior of ones house can be used for insurance purposes. They don't need to be taken by a working professional photographer to have purpose.

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