60D low light vs d3200 who to believe, DXO or dpreview compare tool?

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,216
use the studio scene on DPREVIEW and your eyes

Studio scene that DPREVIEW uses gives you a lot of information that many people take for granted. The spools of thread in the dark box in the bottom middle of the DPREVIEW studio shot really shows the difference in how different cameras handle extremes of low light. You can see just how well the camera handles noise, and actual dynamic range in the shadows, and make a pretty good judgement as to what to expect in real world shooting. Prior to your own noise reduction workflow which is just as important.

The Nikon clearly has an advantage when you start getting in ISO 3200 range. It's still pulling detail while the 60D is turning to mush. However, the 60D has less midtone noise than the Nikon at high ISO's, which is typical of a budget end Nikon.

Better FPS on the 60D. Might not hurt to see how many people are using the D3200 for sports in the Nikon forum.

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