Anyone consider there N1 system as complete?

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Re: Anyone consider there N1 system as complete?

jonikon wrote:

Nope. Besides all the other available lenses, (except the 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 PD), and the FT-1 adapter that I don't have, I would would also very much like a constant f2.8 aperture standard zoom lens for my V1. And while I'm dreaming, a 10-30mm f2.8 lens paired with a 30-80mm f2.8 in a CX mount would be awesome!
- Jon

Besides some constant aperture zooms, the "super telephoto" for sports or wildlife would be very nice. It could eliminate any desire to adapt the V1 to digiscope.

Add a firmware update to allow Aperture Priority function with adapted lenses other than Nikkors mounted on the FT1 adapter and I would be very happy.

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