Open Letter to Canon: Necessary 5D III Firmware Improvements

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Re: Open Letter to Canon: Necessary 5D III Firmware Improvements

brian1366 wrote:

Great post! I hope Canon does listen to some of these suggestions.

I have no idea why there so many haters. The OP didn't demand that Canon implement these, he's just providing useful suggestions (ok, the title is a little bold). You don't need to lecture him on software development times or scolding him for daring to post suggestions to make a great product even better.

I hope the OP get's his firmware wishes too. Me, I'm still waiting for Canon to give me true Auto ISO on my 5DII. In all fairness, they did make a number of useful improvements to the 5DII via firmware over the first couple of years, but alas truly functional Auto ISO was not amongst them.

I'm sure writing new firmware is a bit of an investment but don't imagine it is overly burdensome or takes resources away from other needs within the company. I bet we do see some meaningful updates from Canon on the 5DIII firmware front.

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