Moving from D90 to OMD5 Question

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
SkiHound Senior Member • Posts: 2,916
Re: Moving from D90 to OMD5 Question

If you're talking about real sports photography the E-M5 may not be the best choice. Tough I'm not sore a D5200 would either. SAF is very fast with native lenses and CAF is useable. For people walking around, camels, etc. I don't think it'll be a problem. Here's one I took of our dogs using CAF. Now, I get more misses than keepers when they are flying around, but shots of towards you are tough with most set ups. Yes the E-M5 has its quirks. It's not perfect. No camera is. But I can chuck it and a couple of lenses in a day pack and hardly know they are there. Unless you really want to go small, and there are time I do, with something like an RX100, I think the E-M5 is a great travel companion.

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