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S3ZAi wrote:

I have the samyang/rokinon/walimex 8mm F2.8 fisheye lens. It's really nice, though it requires some work with my nex7, I think it would be ok with the nex6. Though I'm not sure, perhaps someone who already owns the combination could tell if it also has the purple colors at the edges with the nex6 sensor. It's quite easy to deal with though with Lightroom or Cornerfix.


Just a note: this one is manual focus only, while the nex 16 2.8 is also autofocus. But with this type of lens it doesn't matter much I believe. If you put it somewhere close to infinite, almost everything is in focus, expect stuff very very close to the lens.

The Samyang 8mm F2.8 is indeed a great lens. Focusing is no problem when you know that the hyperfocal distance for this lens @F2.8 is 1.14 meters (Depth of Field Calculator); just set the focus to about 1.2 meters and you have everything in focus from 0.6 meters to infinity. Step down the f-stop and the lower focus limit is smaller. A perfect party lens; the only thing is that one has to be careful not being in the picture.


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