Why I am buying Fuji X and not Sony Nex?

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Re: Nonsense!

Austin101 wrote:

mibu2011 wrote:

what lens has no IS? both the Fuji 18-55 and Sony 16-50 PZ have image stabilizing.

The X100s has an 18-55 IS lens does it? Really?

Perhaps you should get a grasp of what the actual topic is and what cameras are being discussed before your start adding your worthless input.


lol, you're grasping now mate, who said that X100s came with a 18-55 lens? not me

I guess you understand what Pre order means now, glad I could help

look you got busted for being a troll and talking nonsense, just deal with it and go away quietly

err, I thought we were talking about the X100s and the NEX-6 were we not?

I then said I was interested in video but the X100s didn't have IS and the Nex-6 did and had good video reviews.

You then came back with "what lens has no IS? both the Fuji 18-55 and Sony 16-50 PZ have image stabilizing."

Not quite sure what I have got wrong there, mate.

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