5D Mark III weather Seal Not what it Claims to be.

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Re: 5D Mark III weather Seal Not what it Claims to be.

imagezone wrote:

Good morning, I just want to share with the forum. This weekend my 5D Mark III was out in light but consistant rain for about one hour. The lens I was using is the Canon 100 L Macro weather seald lens and the camera broke down on me. The first sign of a problem was the camera would not auto focus then I could not display photos on the rear LCD. I turned the camera on and off removed the batteries from the Canon brand grip and found that there was watter in the grip.

I took paper towels and dried the grip inserted the battery and the camera continued to malfunction. When I got home I blow dried the camera but it continued to malfunction I ve place the camera and battery grip in bags of rice for three days and hope it will work ok tonight, Im not expecting things to go well because I turned the camera on and off several times and im concerned I may have fried the circuits.

I did try other lenses on the camera and its not a lens issue the 100 L macro is allso working with no issues.

My question to the forum the camera is still under waranty I plan to ship the camera to Canon even if I get it to work tonight I dont trust the camera and it certanly cant handle the rain. I dont know if the weather seal is bad on my camera or the weather seal claim by Canon is B.S what do you all think? and will Canon repair the camera under warenty?

Thank You to all that respnd with constructive feedback.



I wouldn't expect weather sealing when using any accessory grip. Put your mind to work and you will grasp all the opportunities for moisture to enter the body and wreak havoc. When I'm going out in the elements, I take off the vertical grip and use only the body and a sealed lens. No problems ever with any of my bodies in pouring rain, and certainly not in mist/fog, dust or sand at the beach.

I'll be interested if, given your use of the grip, Canon honors the warranty, or if they say you circumvented the weatherization with the use of the battery grip. Please to keep us apprised.

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