For us oldtimers: 6D is the new EOS A2

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Kabe Luna
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Couldn't agree less

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

When I was first starting out, back in the film days, I switched from Nikon to Canon and shot Canon A2 (A2E, EOS 5) bodies exclusively. I think I owned 5 at one time and on and off probably almost 10 total. I never owned a 1 series until the 1Ds, and never liked it.

The 5D, 5DII, and 5DIII bodies have never been this nuts and bolts, basic camera. But I think the 6D is. I'm not an upgrader for the sake of it and my 5DII bodies are doing just fine, but I'll need a new body this summer for my assistant and I'll get a 6D. If my 5DIIs die i'll replace them with the 6D.

Looking at the future I don't see why I'd need anything else for a while. You could have a very successful studio with only 6D cameras, and I think that's going to be the future.

Call me crazy. I happen to like photos of cats.

At the time of its introduction, the EOS 5/A2/A2E was a class-leading camera, replete with a powerful zooming on-board flash, multi-segment metering, optional eye-controlled focus, whisper drive near-silent film transport ... the list goes on for days. The 5/A2/A2E was the antithesis of a nuts-and-bolts, basic camera–in execution, and in concept, it was Canon's technological flagship, incorporating technologies not yet ready for primetime use in the professional-oriented EOS-1. Thus, the EOS 5/A2/A2E are more akin to the current 5DIII and its 7D harbinger. The 6D has much more in common with the EOS Rebel II (the version without built-in flash) and its brethren, right down to slow maximum and flash sync shutter speeds, simplified controls and emphasis on small size and low mass. The only things keeping the 6D from being a highly-specified Digital Rebel are a bit of magnesium, the full frame sensor and glass prism.

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