London one of the safest cities in the world.

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Re: London one of the safest cities in the world.

So saying that a foreign styled gun control model would work in the USA is utter foolishness.

Of course the specific law enforcement (and legislative) tactics used against gun crime in Europe, are not going to be the right tactics to apply to such a different situation as the USA has.

Tactics always need to address the situation as it exists (evidence based) right now, right here.

It's the same for any initiative one might propose - but just because someone else's local tactics won't work for you, that does not (alone) prove that their strategy direction would be a bad idea for you to consider or compare.

It would be unlikely to take you quite exactly where it has taken us, in any case - it would work out differently in practice even if you were seeking the same outcome as we were - just as the details differ across Europe also.

But perhaps foreign analyses of the problem, many and various (at least, the more coherent ones), may be of assistance in your own internal debate - just as the arguments raised (at least the more coherent ones) feed back in the other direction from the USA to Europe, and elsewhere.

Europeans are not indifferent to the due importance of civil liberties and individual rights; those are the very meat of our constitutions too. We have just tended to place more, or different, things into the opposite pan of Justice's balance scale, on this issue. That's all.

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