replace sensor, mirror, and shutter on my D3s

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Re: That would be a little premature, in my experience

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Les Kamens wrote:

I have close to 250,000 clicks and am thinking of preventative maintenance, by replacing the sensor mirror and shutter all at once. Has anyone done that and did everything work with the precision of a new camera?

I've had several D3-series camera bodies "rebuilt" by replacement of shutter, mirror assembly and side-plate (aperture control) assembly. In every case, it was at approximately 500,000 actuations. Also, in every case, it was to solve wearout issues rather than address a complete breakdown. The AF accuracy can be affected by worn mirror-box components.

Admittedly, in my situation, I have backup bodies with me to quickly put into service if a failure occurs. If you do not have backups, I could understand your reluctance to press on to a higher actuation count, but personally I consider a camera with 250,000 actuations to be "young." My #1 D4 has around 300,000 actuations and I'll not consider having any work done on it for quite a while yet.

Two of the "rebuilds" I've had done, were performed by a local shop, and one was done by Nikon (that camera was still in warranty). All seemed to be equally successful. My #1 D3s was rebuilt at 500,000 frames, and now has nearly 1,000,000 frames on it, with no problems encountered yet.

In no event, though, do you need to consider replacing the sensor itself, which isn't a wearout item unless it's been subjected to an extraordinary number of cleaning operations which may have compromised the surface of the AA filter (and even then, replacing the filter pack may be a better alternative).

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thats in expert hands like Mariannes but in "monkey" hands these things just break after unboxing..

and with a thread venting about it....

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