Sony A37 vs Canon SX50

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Re: I have both

JeffS7444 wrote:

(Actually, I have the very-similar Sony A55).

The Canon SX50 is amazing, and for general snapshooting and ultra telephoto work in a lightweight, handheld package, it's hard to beat. Not bad for low-light shooting, but not the best. Except for closeup and longer telephoto shots, more of your backgrounds will be in focus whether you want them to be or not.

A camera like the A37 is capable of better results, it's more versatile, and better in low light situations, better for selective focus where you want to blur out the background (if that matters to you). But in order to match the SX50's amazing reach, you'd need to carry a lot more gear including a tripod.

SX50 wins at

  • Casual bird and wildlife photos
  • All-round versatility without a lot of fuss
  • Not overly concerned with being able to blur out backgrounds
  • You mostly work in moderate to good lighting situations

A37 wins at

  • Superior in tricky- or low-lighting situations
  • You want to be able to explore selective focus in more depth
  • You want more manual control over the camera
  • You tend to look at your photos at 100% magnification and are bothered by noise and other artifacts.

Thanks for your reply Jeffs7444 very good points made - Its interesting that you have both cameras - If I told you you could only keep one which would it be?

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