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philmar wrote:

Marcus Antonius wrote:

philmar wrote:

If the photos have to justify the high price of the camera then i'll include less than perfect lighting situations.

I just hope I can add an image properly....

That shot is best of the series you posted. I had a look at your sets on flickr and i love the slayer fan shot in BA, the curious boys in Mali, the landscape shot of wadi rum in jordan and ofcourse your published shot in NGM. Your travel history is something to envy as are some of the shots i mentioned. Good work. Thanks for your contribution.


Thanks Marcus. The Mali and Wadi Rum shots were with my only recently mothballed 30D. I liked the 'slayer' shot too but I didn't think that shot demonstrated any of the 5DIII's advanced features. I could have captured it as easily with the verable ol' 30D

Hi Phil,

I think about this thread being 5dIII pics only is a misunderstanding. (but can't change that no more, i created a post with a title explaining it's not about 5dIII pics only) The first post was a rant at the time when the 5dIII posts flooded this forum and not only me but some others with me got fed up with the hypered kids on too much sugar. I challenged people to post some work, instead of useless repeating questions, doubts and whishes. Because like you say youself, you could have taken that shot with the 30d. I have shot my cheetahs with a digital rebel, imagine!


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