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Re: RX100 to complement X-E1

mmbn wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking for a pocketable camera to complement my X-E1. After switching from the (first) NEX 5 which fitted large pockets, I'd like something really small as my always have with me cam....

Will I be disappointed from IQ/handling??



If you want something really small, as in pocketable, the RX100 is a good choice.  I don't think you'll be disappointed with IQ.  You might me with handling.  There is no grip at all, and the lack of VF means composing and shooting with outstretched arms camera-phone style.  Personally, for snaps this is fine.  For more serious photography, I generally prefer cameras with VFs and solid grips.

For this reason, I'd probably go for a slightly larger high end P&S like the new X20.  You'll get better handling, IQ should be close numbers-wise (high ISO, DR, color depth), but you'll get the great Fuji colors which, IMHO, the Sony colors simply don't match.

So no, you won't be disappointed at all with IQ.  You may be with ergonomics.  You might also be surprised, as I was, that the RX100 doesn't have such a good macro mode.  This may or may not matter for the kind of shooting you do.  You'll love the photo IQ and video quality of the RX100, but as a camera, I'm cannot say.  Some like it, some don't.  I sold my RX100, and bought an X10. With the new X20 being announced, I sold my X10, and pre-ordered the X20.  PDAF, an improved VF, X-Trans sensor with an OLPF should make sharpness/detail extremely good, 1080p60 at 36 mbps, similar to the RX100 are all features that should make the X20 a significantly better camera than the already excellent X10.

If you don't mind using smaller sensor cameras, the new Pentax MX-1 and Olympus XZ-2 look fantastic as well.  Personally I'd rather have a small sensor camera with a faster lens f1.8-2.5 than the slower f1.8-4.9 lens of the RX100.  Portrait or bokeh shots are just not the easiest to achieve at full telephoto because DOF is pretty deep.

Anyway, I don't want it to sound like I don't like the camera, just as a former RX100 user I wanted to mention a few of the problems I experienced with it.  Most small, high end P&S that have RAW capabilities will be good choices for walk-around cameras.

Best of luck, Markus Arike

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