Birds In Flight with D300/300mm f/4

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Re: Birds In Flight with D300/300mm f/4

Thanks again. I tried a variety of things yesterday, but am not too pleased with the results. I kept my SS at 1/800 or higher, tried when possible to shoot at the lowest ISO (from 200-400) most of the time. For metering, I used the chest of my goose decoys as a gray card, as it's pretty close. I thought it was a little lighter than 18% gary, so added 1/3 stop. Once loaded onto my computer, it looks to be very close to spot on to a gray card. I used 51-point AF, AF on only when shooting. I'm a bit confused on release settings. I tried "Release" and "Release + Focus, but just got extra images that were OOF.

Anyway, here's what I got. They're big crops. I think I'll use my TC 14E, as the minmal resolution loss is better than cropping.

Thanks for all the advice. It's certainly a learning experience.  For one thing, a fasterr SS could sharpen things up a bit, even if doing so means using a higher ISO.

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