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There's a pretty good list of simple lighting recipes to make your portraits more dramatic and less flat. Also, you ​don't ​need to buy the photoflex brand of lighting gear, as the techniques can work with any softboxes, umbrellas and strobes.

As far as posing, well, you shouldn't really be looking for a book on stock poses. As a photographer, it's the most important thing you can do is to connect with your subject and be able to pull the most natural, comfortable personality out of them. If you are looking at a book and telling them exactly how to position their body, that's not natural at all and almost always looks staged.

When you are comfortable as a photographer and know your lighting and camera gear, then that allows you to turn your attention towards the subject. Then you can chat with them, joke with them, get them to talk about themself or their interests, etc. The goal is to get the subject to forget about all the big lights and camera gear and everything, because people tend to get nervous with all this stuff pointing at them.

Sometimes you will work with people who are difficult to shoot and no amount of coaxing will get them to give you a shot you can use. Only as a last resort should you pull out a stock posing book and tell them exactly how to position their body. You can find such books at any bookstore or amazon, but all those books are kinda cheezy. You can also get apps for your iphone or tablet that have stock poses.

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