Habitual liars?

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G. Gray
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Re: Habitual liars?

Collett wrote:


Bill Force wrote:

Whether or not you have noticed the country is totally pollerized, now more than any time in my almost 80 years.

So, YOU are 80 years old and still working

The only productive thing you should be doing at your age...is when you drop a poopie into your colostomy-bag.

I guess you must be one of these "workaholic-types" who just cannot sit still and learn the art and beauty of simply "just doing nothing"

Why don't you go grab your iPod, find a nice shady banana tree, relax, lay-back and listen to your favorite Glenn Miller & Neil Diamond tunes

Working at 80 years old indeed - what a complete nutcase.

You can get medication for that.


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"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

A lot of people see retirement differently than you Kev. I think its great that he still works - the key being IF it is something he likes doing (and in ol Bills case I imaging it is). Working keeps the mind and body young.

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You are totally right there. Kev has no allegiance to any country or respect for older people.

His disrespect is predictable. I know he is masqurading as a Canadian formally from England but I am beginning to wonder where his parents immigrated from. His disdainful attitude comes from someplace.

It is good for older people to plan and work, keeps the little gray cells working. A better "quality of life" is what most people wish for. It is good to have interests and hobbies. I know that I have so many I find it hard to imagine how I got the time to go to work. Retired 20 years now and my name is Gray (solid gray cells)

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If you go into Home Depot and someone offers to help you and he is not an employee, you are in Canada

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