Anyone here with E-PL2 experience?

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Re: Anyone here with E-PL2 experience?

BobT wrote:

In the off chance that someone has used a E-PL2, I'd like to hear about your experiences, thoughts, and recommendations on whether or not to own/use one.

How do you feel that it compared with the cameras within this forum that you may have also used?


I own and use a Canon 450D as well as an E-PL2. It's a matter of horses for courses. I was recently at a local horse track, and the 450D did a great job with action shots. No way could the E-PL2 get a shot of the horse crossing the finish line; it even had difficulty getting the right shot in the covered warm-up paddock.

When pixel-peeping, the Canon holds up better, but I think that the E-PL2 would do just as well with prints up to 11x14 or possibly larger, as long as the ISO was low. 8x10s are indistinguishable.

In dim light, the E-PL2 has a tougher time locking focus and has giving me more mis-focused shots. Maybe the new EVF I bought will help judge focus better than the back LCD. However, the face-detect is great when photographing people with sufficient light.

The E-PL2 is much better for taking on a trip. I can fit the E-PL2, 14-42, and 40-150 in a small messenger bag and still have room for an e-reader, guidebook, etc. With the Canon I'd have to take my camera backpack for the same flexibility.

If you want a picture of yourself, you can hand the E-PL2 to someone and let face detect do the job. There is no guarantee that a stranger will ensure that the DSLR's focus point is on your face.

Both cameras are solid performers that are hard to outgrow. In the few months I've belonged to our local camera club, I've gotten 3 ribbons. A first and a second with the E-PL2 and a first with the 450D.

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