5D Mark III Wins vs. D800 -- Digital Photo/Digital Photographer!!

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Re: 5D Mark III Wins vs. D800 -- Digital Photo/Digital Photographer!!

I'm having some serious issues with my 5D Mark III all having to do with Blue skies and Banding.  I shoot architecture and on a recent shoot I had a lot of exteriors with solid blue skies.  Mainly shot in the morning/evening with the tilt shift lenes.  I'm having extreme banding in sunset situations.

I use Capture one, but the issue is in DPP as well. If I try and take an exposure and push or pull it by even a half stop you see the curved banding lines dancing in the sky.

I sent files into Canon and they were unable to see any banding.  Then I sent them screenshots, and the technical support guy saw it immediately   Sent the camera in, and the lab techs said they couldn't see any banding, even in the screenshots.  Basically denying any fault by their part.  This issues is noticeable on two computers and three screens all calibrated.

Very disappointed with Canon.

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