Need a little help with a G6 purchase on Ebay

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Re: Need a little help with a G6 purchase on Ebay

mcshan wrote:

I would try and contact the seller even if it said no returns. If not and you are certain bad feedback is deserved when you go real low (on feedback) Ebay attempts to work with you on it. I ordered a book recently that was expensive. It was listed as "fine condition". In the book world that means something. There was WRITING all over the book and that was just the start. The seller was a jerk and did not want to work with me...when my low feedback score was entered it turned the situation around. It all got worked out and everyone was happy. Ebay has never let me down.

Try and work with the seller. Being an Ebay seller must be frustrating (I buy and never sell) for the ones that try and do it right. Give them a chance to make it right.

Good luck.

Thank you,

That is my plan. I need to play around with it a little more and see if it has any other issues, and ask a camera repair shop if it's an easy (i.e. cheap) fix. If not, I'm hoping the seller is reasonable, or that Ebay supports there is a discrepency in what the seller claimed the condition was.

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