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Re: Best travel/location light stand

Thank you for the suggestions, folks. I think the LumoPro stand, as recommended by MPrince is similar to my Manfrotto 5001 Nano stands, which I use fairly often. But I'm looking for something one step up from those. The LumoPro/Manfrotto Nanos are great for portability, but quite tippy with a speed light and soft box. They work okay, but I find I'm often in situations where I'm setting up my light/s in areas where people still need to mill about. With the LumoPro/Manfrotto Nano, I'm constantly worried about someone bumping one.

I found an older post where someone recommended the Lowel light stands. Does anyone have any experience with those?

I know that light stands are a pretty boring topic, but over the years I've come to realize that I can have the most amazing light modifiers in my kit, but I'll end up not using them if I'm doubting the stand they attach to. In my studio, weight and portability aren't an issue. And a few years ago I just took some of my lighter studio stands with me on location. But these days, clients want me to shoot more and more quickly, and often to move from one spot to another. So rather than studio strobes I'm throwing speed lights into my kit, but my stands are still either the less-portible studio stands or the really flex LumoPro/Manfrotto Nano. I'm just looking for that in between stand - it has to be out there somewhere!


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