Goodbye Samsung hello M43

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Chris Tofalos
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Re: Goodbye Samsung hello M43

I also moved from Samsung (NX100) to M4/3 (initially a twin-lens E-PL2 kit to try the system out) when the superbly specced NX200 was announced - but without any EVF options (IMHO, a killer for any serious photographer).

I've been considering ditching all my (heavy) Canon kit to go all-M4/3 for some months and finally did so just before Christmas, adding two new bodies (E-PL5 & G5) and several lenses, including the two fast F2.8 zooms and the 25mm F1.4.

I was very impressed with the E-PL5 (and still am) but I find the G5 is simply superb and I have no regrets at al at my system changel.

Slight niggles? It's all to easy to inadvertently hit a button with all four M4/3 bodies I have and I'd prefer to have the controls and bit less sensitive (I'm fed up of change WB appearing!). And the lack of a working AF illuminator isn't a good thing, although I have so far had few problems focussing indoors, especially when using the 12-35 F2.8.

Big plusses? The major size/weight saving is wonderful and I'm very impressed with the image quality. And despite warnings from professional colleagues, nobody has yet called into question my professionalism because I'm using such tiny cameras. In fact, any comments have all been favourable...


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