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Re: reply Dave and on mirror lenses

Ron Co wrote:

I have traveled extensively over the years, and one thing I can tell you is that there are always problems wherever you have.......people! Having said that, Tazzy is one of my favorite places because it has far less than most places, and being able to drive 50 kilometers without seeing another being has been a highlight of my stay there!

Blimey if you think Tasmania has space you should visit parts of South Australia (west coast) Central Australia far north regions etc in the centre (desert) you can really be isolated , this place is a buzzing bee hive of activity compared to some places I have lived

Am planning on it one day, only been to Melbourne and Sydney during flight transfers.

We find it funny as years on the flatlands to hear locals speak of long distances when the island is little more than 200 km North to south, we had a holiday home 600 km from our main home in SA, our day trios to the city were over 300km round trip (often morel like 400) People think it is long distance in Tasmania if they cannot walk to it ! We live 60 km form Hobart and that is really in the sticks or boondocks , many people we meet have no idea where we live , never been here (60 km form the capital even if they were born in Tassy!) We hop in the car drive to the city and can be back for a late lunch if we wish, amazing!

Met a retired couple in Legerwood (NE Tas) who had never been more than 30kl outside that town their whole life, born, raised, fell in love, married, lived and worked in the same town for nearly 70 years and never even visited Hobart!........that's definitely not for me, but I admire the fact that they were always happy enough to not feel the need to move!

BTW the portraits of the singers were taken the first day I got it , indoors close focus of 5 metres, 3200 ISO (I think) and all hand held, some as low as 1/30th second? I was impressed ,likewise the dragon flies , not perfect but .....

check them out hopefully you might change your mind

good luck and best wishes from Tasmania


Hi Ron,

Have been checking out your Flickr pics (has taken a few days and have to say good job, you have been busy with those 500mm mirrors!

There are some beauts there, especially the singers, and guess having a good DSLR body helps too, but you are right, good technique is nine tenths the battle!

I'm a dedicated jpeg shooter too, and more concerned with the moment and content rather than the  quality, having said that, IQ is always in the back of my mind, something I use as a constant challenge rather than a pre-requite!

You can check out some of my pics from a wonderful trip I took last year to South Africa here;

I might look into one of these lenses if I come across a good example at one of our local charity shops, now that I'm (almost) the proud owner of a OMD E-M5, and adapters are quite cheap, it may be a good way of getting closer to the action. Have already sourced a Sigma 400mm f5.6 in the last few days for £67, and can't wait to try it out when the camera arrives! (still in customs)

One thing I will have to deal with on the OMD, is the 2x crop factor, great for having small compact lenses with double the reach than normal, but of course that comes at a price. I did notice with quite a few of your shots, the better ones seemed to have good or direct light, a common thing with lenses of this ilk!

Coming from a Fuji HS10 bridge camera, I'm well aware of this, it's tiny sensor really struggles on dull days, so much so, that I hardly use it during the winters here, unless it snows of course!

Talking of weather, that reminds me of one of the worst nights I've ever spent while traveling, and it happened not far from where you live. I was camping on Richardsons Beach in Freycinet NP, just spent a splendid day walking up Mt Amos to check out Wineglass Bay for some pics of this iconic view, when the low clouds came in and blocked any chance of seeing it. I did meet a rather amazing American lady half way up though, and we became good friends instantly, funny how that happens sometimes?

Anyway, that night was like most others, cooked a meal, chatted to some other travelers and turned in to my "borrowed" tent that my friends had lent me, for a good nights sleep.

At around 1am the heavens opened and the wind came from hell, my friends tent was not waterproof, and almost blew away without me in it, with a little torch I managed to strap it down further with some rope and an old tarp from the pick-up truck (also borrowed) as taking it down and putting it in the truck would have got everything soaking wet!

There was no chance of sleeping inside the tent with it flapping around constantly, so I resided in the passenger seat for the rest of the night, needless to say, it was a loooong night!

Good experience though, as it's times like this that make us who we are (and hopefully a little stronger!) and was the only iffy time I had in Tasmania...........well, apart from a few close encounters with Tiger snakes that is......but that's another story!!

All the best,


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