B&W photography-how u do it with nex ?

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Re: B&W photography-how u do it with nex ?

Mark_McD wrote:

chris blaubac wrote:

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chris blaubac wrote:

However good Nik's Silver Efex software is, I HATE the way it ruins the workflow in lightroom. You basically slip out of lightroom, lose lightroom's ability to remember what you have done to process an image (!), and have to work with additional tiff files that litter your hard drive (it's not so bad in photoshop because it will remember the steps you take in Efex).

To clarify, when you open the image in Silver Efex, you have the option to open the original image or the image as you have already edited it in Lightroom. What Chris is noting is that you may have made a bunch of edits in LR and then opened it in Silver Efex and that when you finish in Silver Efex and go back to LR the previous LR history is gone. I am new to LR, but I didn't realize this happened until just now. My practice has been to not do any edits in LR first and to first process in S.E. and then when I go back to LR, if anything is needed, I can apply that and have the whole history.

I may be wrong here Sean but I seem to remember that when using Silver Efex inside Lightroom, that silver efex doesn't remember all the editing steps (done in Silver Efex) if you close it and then reopen it at a later time. Put another way, it only remembers editing steps during one silver efex "session".

Is that right?

Silver Efex Pro from lightroom will make a copy of the image (an additional tiff) and that copy will lose the editing tags from LR. You can go back to the original which will retain all your previous editing in LR in the history then.

Silver Efex Pro does not remember its own steps unless you save what you have done as a preset, much like most other plugins, save some of the Topaz ones which "remember last used settings."

Right, that's how I remember it. In the end, much as I liked Silver Efex, I found it too disruptive to my workflow. A lot of other users are fine with it.

I've actually grown to really like doing Black and White using Xel and Lightroom.

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