12-35 unimpressive as a landscape lens

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Re: 12-35 unimpressive as a landscape lens

Shirozina wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

So you need to explain what is it about the photo that was made better by using the 12-35mm lens over some shmuck who just used the kit lens?

Geez, I said I found it excellent for landscape work and posted an example...

If you want to have a beef about it, the 12-35 is 2mm wider and is both sharper and has more resolution at all apertures. It gives you great flexibility for portrait work too (given its wide aperture) and has great bokeh wide open. What's not to like about that?

Well I have found the edge performance at long distances and at the wide settings to be quite poor and this would for many be an undesirable feature for landscape shooters. If you have not then I may have a defective sample and will send it in for adjustment or replacement. Your picture tells me nothing about this but maybe you didn't read my initial post.

Can You share some examples (preferably in raw format) from both lenses where You find 12-35 to be poor and 14-45 to be better? I believe it'd give everyone a better perspective of what "bad" abd "better" means

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