A man's gotta do... - Please help with C/C

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Re: A man's gotta do... - Please help with C/C

Hi Gaucho5,

I like why you want to take this shot but sometimes it is hard to translate what you feel into what we can see in the photo.

Here are 2 of my favourites...in both of them I followed them for a few minutes shooting as we walked...every step and change in background made for a different photo. Sometimes when I can I will run further ahead (very rarely and only when they stop) and wait for them to pass me again.

For your situation if you had followed him around the corner you might have had a better result context, composition, moment...

Or you might have waited a while to see who else walks past with something more incredible!


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Gaucho5 wrote:

So hello everyone.

Took this shot in Aguas Calientes which is a little town at the base of Machu Picchu, Peru.

I've done some light work to it in lightroom and basically just need a bit of feedback to see what else I could do or may have missed.

I just want to take better photos

Enjoy & thanks in advance for any feedback!

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