AF fine tuning - is it going to affect my hyperfocal point?

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Dr Bob
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AF fine tuning - is it going to affect my hyperfocal point?


I would welcome some input on AF fine tuning.

I did some testing on my D600 on AF fine tuning with my 24-120mm f4 and 28mm f1.8 prime. The zoom was fine evaluating by 2 different methods viz


The prime however by both tests seems to need a -5 to -10 adjustment. Now the problem I have is should I apply this correction when using the prime?

The prime will be primarily used for landscapes. With previous cameras, my technique (in Manual with tripod, grad nd filters, polariser, remote release etc) was to spot focus at the hyperfocal point, lock the focus and then recompose the shot, sort out the filters, sort out the exposure then shoot. So if I follow the same on the D600 with the 28mm prime, I will be looking at spot focussing at 11ft at f8 or just under 8ft at f11.

If I make the fine tune adjustment, does anyone know how it changes the focus point across the whole focus range? The manual says it could affect near and infinity focus. If a -10 adjustment moves the whole range forward then infinity may not be in focus (wherever I focus) thus destroying the hyperfocal method.

In the second AF fine tune test above, the AF was picking a point maybe a couple of inches behind the target focus (at a distance of 5-6ft). When I do a spot AF focus for a landscape shot I usually add a few feet behind the hyperfocal point so it is all pretty rough. Seems like all I need to do is forget the fine tune adjustment and spot focus a little in front of where I normally do so for f8 I would aim at 11ft + a couple of feet ā€“ a foot or so. All in all then aiming at 11-12ft should work without worrying about the fine adjustment. Everything from 6ft to infinity should be in focus....or will a slight inaccuracy in the fine tune wreck the hyperfocal point anyway (I cant see why it should)?

An alternative is to use live view ā€“ which I may try. (The weather has been too grotty here to do landscapes at the moment).

I will dial in the adjustment when not using it for landscapes.

Anyone got any specific info on what actually is changed when you put in a fine tune adjustment? What am I missing?


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