SIGMA 28-70MM F2.8-4 Canon fit lens on Rebel XTi

Started Jan 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
brightcolours Forum Pro • Posts: 14,509
Only will work wide open

Fireglo wrote:

I won this for dirt cheap on ebay but it only works intermittently. I contacted Sigma and they stated:

"It will fit but you may run into error codes during use and the lens is too old to be updated for newer technologies."

The error I get is Err 01 - Communications between the camera and the lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts -

The camera does work sometimes but not others (could be dependent on camera settings so 'P' does seem to work but automatic does.)

Has anyone else encountered this problem or have any tips as to how I may be able to get it to work?


on digital bodies. On film bodies it will work fine.

As posted above, the digital bodies are less tolerant on the signals, and the old Sigma lenses produce a Err01 or Err99 depending on which DSLR you use it on, when trying to close down the aperture.

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