Secrets of the Foveon look

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Re: Secrets of the Foveon look

guzzibreva1 wrote:

I have been reading this forum for several years and have read most of the arguments about dynamic range, micro contrast, and film like look.

I think I have found one reason that the foveon images look more real or film like. It has to do with dynamic range, not luminance dynamic range but color dynamic range. This is what the reviews and tester overlook.

Take a look at a 3 stop over exposed SD14 image compared to a 3 stop over exposed Pentax K-01 image. The Pentax is considered to be a camera with exceptional dynamic range in normal tests.

The Foveon image holds on to color and doesn't desaturated in the brighter areas. This would explain the why some have called the colors "thicker" It must be the due to the brains ability to interpret the nature of what we see.

Pentax Lightroom 200 ISO

SD 14 developed with Lightroom 200 ISO

This is very interesting. Here are some random observations

- In columns 13-19: Sigma retains color up to row D, Pentax up to row F

- In Columns 13-19, rows B,C: Sigma looks like a solid white block and Pentax shows individual grey squares

- In columns 9-12, all rows: Pentax has pretty much lost color in all but a few squares while Sigma shows color in almost all squares

- In the greyscale bar at the bottom: The first 4 bars are solid white in the Sigma while in the Pentax they are all distinguishable. There also seems to be a magenta color cast in the 5th and 6th (and maybe also the 7th and 8th) bars in the Sigma while all bars in the Pentax looks fairly neutral.

It appears that the Sigma has a very hard ceiling on overexposure, where anything above is crushed to white. The Pentax ceiling is much lower as it starts losing color earlier, but it's also not as hard since it still can maintain tonal information.

I'd like to try to reproduce your results. What were the nominal and +3 exposures used on each camera?

Thanks for sharing.

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