Habitual liars?

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Re: Habitual liars?

gtblackwell wrote:

I am confused by the original post. What point is made, why the relentless disdain if not hatred for others. I am 73, born and live in Alabama and have been an Independent moderate since I first voted at 21. I have conservative friends and liberal friends, even some slightly conservative and liberal views and a few stronger ones . It would never occur to let politics become the controlling factor in my life. Otherwise bright people post childish insults in most threads here. Is it the anonymity of the Internet ?

This is not aimed only at the poster, Mr. Force, whom I do not know. Others are just as bad. Why cannot people try and win viewers to their point of view or at least debate in a civil manner. Even non political post quickly deteriorate in name calling is a certain poster chimes in.

There are some very angry people here.

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The trouble is, that you are talking sense. Bill does not. But still i don't believe he should be allowed to get away with his ignorant, often racist, ignorant views and comments.

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