Just got a 6D yesterday and am impressed

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Anant Dabholkar Regular Member • Posts: 149
Just got a 6D yesterday and am impressed

I own a 5DMkII Gripped and 24-105L attached. This combo starts getting heavy after a while, so I kept looking at the 6D mainly for its lower weight plus FF capability. I came from Pentax ME, MX with M lenses and loved that full frame experience with hiking travelling all day. The lighter cameras were a joy when it came to shooting 1/15th second to 1/30th by hand and I got several sharp slides in those days.

I was getting turned off by all the D600 comparisons but with the heavy investment in Canon, Nikon wasn't an option.

I don't shoot a lot of action/sports although the 5DMkIII's outstanding AF was tempting. However, the $1000 plus difference in cost, extra weight and slightly less DR and High ISO capability was a let down for the extra bucks I would have to spend for it. I'm not a Pro.

So when the price of the 6D dropped from $2099 to 1899, I took the plunge and had it in my hands as of yesterday.

I can only compare to the 5D MkII and I see some key advantages that will let me get my money's worth.

The 6D being so much lighter, will get picked up and used a lot more. Won't be getting the grip for sure.

The 6D /MkIII do help turn older canon lenses perform a lot better with in camera corrections including for CA. My 28-135 IS and 28-105 f3.5/4.5 mini zoom will see the light of day again.

Got a 64 GB 95MB/s Extreme Pro card so I won't worry about running out of space or speed anytime soon, even on week long vacations.

Iv'e been eyeing the off camera flash potential for a while, and using the 580EXII as a master was limiting (and adding weight on the camera), and I wanted its power to be positioned off camera, along with the 430EXII and 420EX slaves. The STE- controller looked like a dinosaur and was too expensive for the limited times I would use it. So I got the 90EX for the 6D for $149 with its ability to master control optically at limited ranges in-doors. I knew it would work on the 5DMkII this way from the camera menu, but wasn't sure with the 6D. Guess what, the on camera menu is different, but it does optically control Groups A,B C if needed. Tried it and it works!

I tried focussing in a room with no lights and curtains drawn with the 6D, and focussed with the center (along with two others that lit up), in less than 1/2 second, and that plenty dark for me. 5DMkII didn't fare as well and would have been a hindrance. 50D was even worse.  So thats a key improvement for me.

Took some shots of the dog with Auto ISO and the pics came out between 1600 and 12,800 ISO !

Processed thru DxO 8 and even the 12,800 shots look great with film like grain. Fantastic!

Set up C1, C2 to shoot RAW for when I need that control in post. Silent shutter in C1, High Speed in C2.

I do HDR using Photomatix, and was a little limited by the 3 shot limit on the MkII. The 6D does 2,3,5 and 7! Finally!

Tried the wireless remote control with and Iphone 4s and worked like a charm. Almost as convenient as having a tilting screen. Plus you can use it over the home wireless and be in a different room altogether, if need be!

The GPS tagging for vacations and trips will be great. I wish I had this on my cruise up the Rhine near Frankfurt, Germany this summer!

This has definitely been worth the money for me, considering I got the 5DMkII body alone for $2,200 3 years back. I see about 1 to 2 stops of less noise beyond 1600 ISO and that is perfect.

Haven't tried all the other features and probably never will, like Multishot NR, Albums, in camera raw processing and more. My expectations are all met.

Canon EOS 50D Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 6D Nikon D600
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